May 24, 2009

Day 8 Community Support- New Moon

I invite you in this very moment, to look up into the sky, no matter where you are or what time of day it is, and set an intention for the coming 29 1/2 days. For tonight is the new moon, a time to quietly plant a seed, and know that as the seed is planted the deed is done. That now it is a matter of being open to receiving the shoots and leaves which arise from the ground bearing us the exact fruit we chose. An ordinary miracle!

Just as I was imagining the waters had become shallow, I see that this was to allow a long cool sip of air before diving deep! Tonight I attended a New Moon Sister Circle. These circles are as old as the moon herself. When the night is at it’s darkest it is a natural time for us to gather in tight, speak our plans. Tonight there was much talk of beauty. The beauty of the apple blossom. The diversity of beauty, how it is not a static state but one that comes in so many seemingly incongruent forms. We spoke of the beauty of blossoming sexuality, and how fear and shame have cloaked the simple beauty of being divinely, sensually human. As I sat in this circle which is not lead by one but by all, I saw that “local talent” like beauty has so many forms. That while some is showcased on a stage, or classroom, so much more than that goes on every day in living rooms and parks and about anywhere you or I could imagine. That everyone of us is an amalgamation of so many skills, of so much wisdom, that we are all “local talent”. That without a neighbour to show us how to turn off our water intake when the pipe has burst, or the friend who knows how to deal with those pesky cabbage moths, or that brother who knows just what to say when all seems lost, that we would all be just that... lost. Community is a combination of the words common and unity. As we come together in union and share the skills that we have, teaching them to others until they are truly common, until they colour our everyday. As we evolve first as families, then as villages, nations and finally as humanity. Standing on each others shoulders while giving a hand up, that this will be the ultimate manifestation of all local talent. If you want to find local talent to support, go into you living room or step out your front door, the next person you meet has something to teach you.

Our circle tonight was at first an apple blossom of 5, then when Pamela arrived it was a 6 pointed Star of David. I was full of joy when I discovered that there was 3 of us in the circle who knew of this experiment, that had experienced it out in the world. The circle was held at my friend Eau Vive’s home, she took home 12 days journal #36 which I had left last week in dance class. The other was a womyn I met for the first time tonight, Anna. She found one of the journals I left on Pulpit Rock, over a month ago. I was of course the third. I took from this experience that since half of us knew about the project that it must be growing roots. During check in Nicky spoke of the tangle of roots under the surface, she spoke to the tenacity of quack grass. Yesterday I felt like throwing in the towel. No journals have returned, comments on the blog have been waning, I was feeling less enthusiastic. Nicky's reminder of roots, helped me to visualize the roots of this project, that they are silently taking hold beneath the ground. That my intention was set with the commencement of this commitment, I planted the seed, my job now is to be open to whatever fruit is borne of this mystery seed. 12 days journal #41 will be given to my sister Nicky. Inside is written “What is you intention for the next month?”. I know what hers are as they were spoken in circle, but I would like her to have the journal as a token of how much I love her, of how grateful I am that she welcomed me, included me, when I moved her 2 years ago. Thank you Nicky, I am so very blessed to have you in my life!

And finally a song. A song I sing for the New moon, for those who long for lovers far away, and for the spring that gives way to summer as Solstice approaches. My intention for this moon is to Let Love Rule! And so it is Bernice, and so it is!


  1. "Just as I was imagining the waters had become shallow, I see that this was to allow a long cool sip of air before diving deep!"

    This days entry spoke to me more than any other to date, and the others are fantastic. The line that I quoted above was, to me, the epitome of faith. I actually asked if Bernice wrote it. Embarrassingly, I thought this line had to have been written by some long dead writer whose books are now printed in leather bound tomes. Thank you for that image. Thank you for this post. Thank you for this project. You are creating something that is connecting people with themselves and others and that is an incredible gift.

    This is the second, actually third, post that I have written on this entry. The other two went bye bye. My intention for the next month involves faith. I have faith in myself to complete the tasks I enumerated in a previous post. I have faith that I am doing what I need to be.

  2. Can I just say what a beautiful, amazing gift that you two are to one another, B & Chris? I can only imagine how much my life would have been enhanced if I had had a partner who was not only aware of his spiritual side, but could share, and give and take, those experiences with me? The spiritual connection you two have should be the norm rather than the exception. You guys are very blessed. I have come to really love you both through these blog posts. Can you feel it? I'm sending it out to you both right now.

    My intention for the rest of this month (since I'm coming to this late) is to make even more of a concerted effort to honor my own feelings and speak my own truths, and listen to my heart.

    Thank you both. Namaste.