May 8, 2009

Day 4 New Friend- Nearly Sick

I think I may have to admit to myself that I am sick. I had two naps today, one in my rental car in a sunny but LOUD parking lot and the other where I am staying. I have known since Tuesday that I was coming down with something, I got a stomach ache that made it hard to walk. Now i can feel it in my head, and ears, in how tired and cold I am. What I find amazing is my ability to hold it off. I don’t really feel I can get sick here. I am not in my own space, don’t have anyone to bring me tea. I have to make a flight home tomorrow and being sick in air travel is just way too much work. So while I am admitting to battling something, I am not letting it take hold till tomorrow evening. Tonight I will attend a party being thrown at the house I am staying at. There will be many strangers there, I am fully confident I will have a conversation with more than a few new friends tonight. I will leave 12 days journal # 25 at the party, inside is the question “How strongly do you believe in your bodies ability to heal itself?”.

I know this is a lame blog entry. What can I say, I am sick...well not yet but I just can’t spare the strength to make this any more interesting.

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  1. Very strongly, but at the same time, not always strongly enough.