June 10, 2009

Latest Commitment! Wandering Karma Yoga

For the next 12 days I am going to be all over the map! The first 3 days I am here in Nelson. Then I drive down to Spokane and fly south to California. Of the 9 days in California I will spend, 1 in Monterey, 3 in Big Sur, 4 split between Marin County and Oakland, and the final 1 in Walnut Creek. My commitment for this 12 days is to do some Karma Yoga everywhere I go.

Karma Yoga- One of the four pillars of yoga, Karma yoga focuses on the adherence to duty (dharma) while remaining detached from the reward. It states that one can experience salvation (Moksha) or love (bhakti) of God by performing their duties in an unselfish manner for the pleasure of the Supreme, which is the welfare of the world. Karma Yoga is an intrinsic part of many derivative types of yoga, such as Natya Yoga.

In simple terms, Karma Yoga is doing something to help for the sake of helping. It might be picking up litter, pulling weeds from a community garden, taking someone for a walk and talk when they are having a hard time. Anything that is based in selfless action. So no, this does not mean that I will do any bendy poses, though I sure could do with picking back up my assana yoga practice. This is a whole other form of yoga. One rooted in bhakti, or devotion. I am devoted to serving the Divine Essence, God, the Universe, the Grand Pooh-Ba, insert whichever you feel comfortable with. To show my devotion to this whole wide wonderful world I look forward to seeing where I can help each of the next 12 days!

I am not sure how I will release the daily 12 days journal, but I am sure that this will just organically happen each day. I have faith.

I can feel already that this commitment is going to be incredibly enriching and filled with gooey gooey love! What fun!

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