June 25, 2009

Day 4 One on One- Dried up

I am exhausted, and to be honest I don’t want to be here at Dance Camp. It is the weirdest thing. I am having fun. There is a lake, canoes, games, trapezes, acro dance rigging, good food, amazing classes, some old friends, some new friends. There is no reason for me to be feeling like I am, but I am wanting to leave.

The one on one time today was abundant. Danced a ton with Lily, did lots of acro-dance stuff with Rose. There has still not been a lot of time with Ayla, she is attached at the hip to Levi, and I am not about to get between them for my project. Our time will come. All the kids are having a blast! I on the other hand feel BLAH. Perhaps I am just tired, of the heat, of dancing, or moving round. I have journals to make, I might do them instead of dancing tonight. Shoot I have to come up with a question....Blah.

“How do you deal with being uninspired?” is the very pertinant question in 12 days journal #73

And that is all there is folks, I am all dried up.


  1. I go to sleep. Take a break. Have a Snow Day for your left brain. And your right brain and your body too. Embrace your inner Blah and feed it some chocolate. Don't force inspiration. It will find you again, and you'll have to get a bigger bed just to accommodate it and all its laundry. That's what i do when I feel uninspired. Or get my hair highlighted. That helps too.
    Bernice i know i haven't participated in your blog before (well, i have commented here but the bloody thing deleted before it was entered, fucker) but I really and truly enjoy reading it. I love seeing the photos (as they SLOWLY load through my dial-up connection) of you and your beautiful, beautiful family, and knowing where you are (stalker, stalker) and knowing that you are living your life with intention and purpose and grace.
    Another suggestion (back to Pertinent Question) is a generous shot of Jack Daniels in your tea. I recommend a vanilla rooibos. With lots of cream as well. Unless of course your daughter just fed that last goddamn splash of cream to your cat in a saucer that you sort of stepped in, and you have to have your JD and T black, but then you take a deep breath and think Thats OK because the cat is purring and the sweet girl is sleeping and the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog the quick zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Oh Kath, I LOVE you. Leaving you in Pemby was one of the hardest things I ever did. Thank you for your comment. Thanks for stalking. It is 8:46 in the morning, I am in the truck cab while my family sleeps in the camper...do you think it is too early for JD? LOVE YA

  3. Eh, I'll just second kath here, whose ideas I will take to heart. My problem is less a matter of having no inspiration as it is having tons of inspiration with no time to do anything about it. LOL.