June 26, 2009

Day 5 One on One- Many More Loves

I got to do two of the things that I love most today, dance and spend time with my children. What made it even more more delicious was that I got to do both at the same time. I have danced with all 3 of them numerous times over the last two days. Tonight though I had a very special dance with Rosy, it was sweet and connected. I have been doing a lot of contact here at dance camp, Rose is a great contact partner. She is light and willing to fly! I pick her up balance her, sling her around my shoulders, waist and back. She lays back, arms stretched, smile wide and enjoys the ride. When it is time to come down and groove, she feels into her body, often with eyes closed, moving her body just as it asks to be moved. She is my little dance partner and I enjoy her so much. As I type this I am in the evening boogie, I am watching her hold hand with her daddy, jumping up and down, filled with rhythm and joy.

Dance Camp is pretty darn cool. Such a variety of people, all with a common love of dance. Not just one lineage like many of the other dance functions I have been to. This took some getting used to at first. In Soul Motion there is a common language, here there are certainly some commonalities but there are many dialects. It helped me to stretch, to consider other ways. I am deeply embroiled in my love affair of the dance, and here I learned some sides of its majesty that I did not know before. What did I discover about my lover that i did not know? That contact improv does not have to have rigid rules, and that many of the people in the room are as freaked out about messing up in close contact as I am. That aerial dance is harder than it looks, and that doing just an hour can leave me with rope burns, sore hands and confirmation that in my next life I need to come back as a bird! That ecstatic dance is still my first and truest love. Dance camp has also taught me that the combination of my love affairs of dance and family can work together. It is not without it’s bumps. While dealing with wild children during a meditative acroyoga class poses challenges, they CAN exist together. I CAN have many loves.

We will be coming to dance camp again next year. Who knows how many loves there will be by then.

“Is there room for more than one love in your life?“ is the question in 12 days journal #74

I am going to dance now, with my family. I will let you know what else I find out there.

Rosy asleep in the camper the next morning. She was up till Midnight and we had to coax her to get up for breakfast.

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  1. I have WAY TOO MANY freaking loves in my life, dammit! OMG, I wish there were many more hours in a day so that I could do them all justice! The older I get, the more I want to do and experience and express. I am trying like hell make enough room in my life for all of my many loves, but I'm not always very optimistic that I'll be able to figure out a way to make them all mesh, or at least peacefully coexist!