June 23, 2009

Day 2 One on One- Rosy




We went to Mt. Diablo today, and while we had a great time, Miss Rosy is still sick and the heat was hard on her. We cuddled almost all day. Spent many special one on one times while the others were off adventuring. She is so sweet when she isn’t feeling well. I know it is a terrible thing to say but I quite like it when she is sick. She is so very cuddly, and delicate like a little flower, quite unlike how she is when she is well. Which is wild, self assured and just a tich snooty. Today was my Rosy day, so here is a little something about her.

I say “a little something” because Rosy has always been the hardest of my daughters to explain. I thought in the beginning that this was because she was young, that as she grew she would reveal herself to me. But as she approaches 7 I have realized she is just an enigma. She is a very grown up little nearly 7 year old, partly I am sure because of having two older sisters, but she is also a wise soul. She is very sharp, asks really astute questions, so astute that I often find it mildly creepy. She has a very hard time with embarrassment. She once had an anxiety reaction to watching Mr. Bean. She has an amazing sense of her own funkiness, I have taken fashion cues from this girl!

I can tell you also that she adores her parents, especially her dad. He became her primary caregiver just before she turned 5. I was still around as much as ever, but as part of Chris’ recovery from his head injury he was to have a regular schedule. Waking, feeding, and tucking in kids is VERY regular, so Chris became the first she saw in the morning and the last before she drifted off at night. Because she was still at home full time for the first year of this, the two of them became thick as thieves, went everywhere together. It was hard for me at first (ok I admit it still is) when he would be the one she would go to when she needed something, but Chris got to have a bond with her that he never got with the other two, the bond I had with them. So this time I am having with her is extra special for me because I get to be her morning, noon and night for 8 more days until I leave again, to do a show and then for the coast to co-facilitate a couple of workshops. Away from them for 8 more days. I took full advantage today, kissing and snuggling her every chance I got. I do worry sometimes, that I will regret giving up being her primary caregiver, it makes me cry. But I look at the bond she has with her dad and I know it is not about me, it is about them. They are so in love, how could it be a bad thing? I know this relationship is one of the many gifts that have come out of an injury that seemed terrible at first, yet changed our lives for the better in countless ways.

So in honour of miss Rosy’s special bond with her dad, and in honour of Fathers day which got missed somehow in my exhaustion and Rosy’s illness, 12 days journal#71 will have the question “Tell me about your Dad?” written in the front cover. I will give it to Miss Rose. I can’t wait to see what she has me write, that is if she lets me. She will probably want her Dad to do it with her instead.


  1. This is the first one of your posts that I have read. What a beautiful person you are. I am near tears, in fact holding them back as they are trying really hard to escape...what a gift you are for your girls. May you always know that it all happens as it should and you are right where you are meant to be. Until there comes a day when we can meet in person...with loads of admiration. xoxo


  2. What great pictures and how perfectly opposite, hole in the ground, top of a rock. I'm glad you are getting so much family time. My children are coming to visit sometime this summer

  3. I think I may have already told you about my dad in a previous post, so I'll be brief! We are now, at this stage in both of our lives, more best friends than parent-child. His style of parenting opened me up to the notion of attachment parenting when it came to me. I always wished there had been MORE attachment when I was growing up, but it certainly seems like we've made up for it and then some. When I was a teen, all my friends envied me because I didn't have an authoritarian, power-tripping dad to deal with; he involved me in decisions that pertained directly to me whenever he was able and took my thoughts and feelings into consideration. Although much of my parenting seems different than the way he did things, I have followed his lead in terms of getting my children's input and taking their thoughts, feelings, and natures into consideration when I make family decisions.

    My dad is a really good guy. Kind, compassionate, and can always make me laugh. If I had been wise, I would have followed that old adage about marrying a man just like dear old dad...I'd probably still be happily married today if I had! He's a Pisces and I'm a Scorpio, and I've heard that water signs tend to mesh really well with one another...that does seem to be the case with me and dad. Both of my kids are water signs, too, now that I think of it.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me brag on my dad, B. :-) Namaste!