June 16, 2009

Day 7 Karma Yoga- So Many Loves

“Tell me about someone you love” is the question in 12 days journal #64 , a journal which is now at esalen along with 70 or 80 people that I love. Leaving them halfway through the workshop was so hard.

I left my dear friend Rachel who is pregnant. While I have been asked to come to her birth, the reality is I may not see her pregnant again, this was hard. Leaving Benjamin, who I have known almost exactly a year was hard. Our friendship was deepened this time, this happened because I shared this project with him. He is so supportive. He believes in me,in what I am doing. Given the calibre of this amazing man, what he has done, what he does, what he believes in, this feels better than I can ever explain. Leaving Jeremy, whose house I am sitting in typing this entry, having just mended our friendship, was hard. Leaving Vinn, sweet Vinn, the one who brought Soul Motion into my life and the lives of so many, THAT was really hard. Leaving Tarack, my beautiful 21 year old friend, who is so filled with the passion of a young man, and who makes me sad that I never had a son, this was hard. Leaving my friend Cordell, who guested me and is the reason I got to experience being with my tribe, was hard. I didn’t speak with him as much as I had hoped. Leaving behind all the others who chose to show up, not so much for the workshop, but for themselves, those in the room and to do the work, this was hard. I love you all. What a wonderful blessing to have been given these 2 1/2 days of moving in a meditative ministry facilitated by many.

My Karma yoga today was to clean up the pillows and back-jacks after afternoon session. This is usually done by the assistance, but they were hugging and sharing so I quickly took the opportunity to get in my karma yoga of the day. I also gave out a whole stack of journals that I had been saving for this trip. People are so happy to receive the journals, it fells like Karma yoga giving them away.

So I am now off to a 5 day intensive at the Tamalpa Institute. The work i do here is based in movement, the arts and therapy. Expect the next few entries to be intense! Either that or skint... right now I am a busy busy B.

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  1. Someone I love...hmmm. I'll go with my best friend. We've been friends since junior high, officially more than 20 years now! I like to say that she isn't my best friend because I value her more than my other friends, but because she makes ME feel like I'm the best. I don't know how she does it, but she does. She listens, she cheers me on, she rages with me when I need to express rage, she cries with me (sometimes literally!) when I need to cry, and she rejoices with me when I'm rejoicing.

    She's the friend who used to sit in the mall with me, eating cookies and drinking coffee, and checking out men's behinds as they passed. LOL. We can talk about anything, from spiritual stuff to sex to everyday irritations to deep hopes and fears...when we're hanging out together, I don't think either one of us knows the meaning of the word taboo. She's disabled, but we're so far removed from even paying attention to that that sometimes she'll ask me to help her use the restroom and for a minute I'll be like "HUH?!" even though I've helped her with this for more than 20 years. We laugh about how I just "forget" that she's disabled when the wheelchair makes it pretty obvious! LOL.

    I am so seriously blessed to have a friend like her! When I think of our friendship, it makes me picky about potential new friends. I'm spoiled. If they don't have the potential for being as healthy and soul-feeding as my friendship with her, I sometimes choose to have just a few really good friends rather than a boatload of so-so friends. Anyway, there you have it, I've told you about someone I love. :-)

    by Angela (Google was acting wonky so I had to post as anonymous)