June 22, 2009

Latest Commitment! One on One with my Babies!

Last night I was suppose to stay at my friend Kincade’s place. But I got word that my family had made their way down to the Bay area earlier than expected, because my little Rosy is sick. Feverish and achy. So instead I made my way over to Walnut Creek, where my dear friend Gabriella is putting up our crew until we all head off to Dance Camp on Wednesday.

On the way over I was thinking about how much I will be away from my kids this summer. I am travelling a lot for schooling and play-shopping (both in the roll of facilitator and student). They also have their own trips to go away for. I want to make a commitment to spend some really focused, one on one time, each day with one of them. To really be present, no computer, no cell phone, no distractions. As it turns out I will leave them in EXACTLY 12 days from now, so this is perfect timing. I spent snippets of time with each of them nearly everyday anyway, but this will be different. Different because there will be a specific intention behind the time spent. It will be interesting to see how/if this changes things.

I commit to enjoying quality time, with one of my children, every day for the next 12 days. With no computer, cell phone, no distractions.

How great is that?! How Lucky am I?!


  1. Perfect! I am so happy you will be able to do this.

  2. I'm 'with' my children all the time and still ache to spend time, one on one, undistracted, with my children ... keep inspiring and dropping your seed beautiful!

  3. You make gorgeous babies, B! :-)