June 14, 2009

Day 5 Karma Yoga- Having too much fun

I just met a man named DM, you know what he told me? I have another tribe! He tells me there are other full time bloggers. That I am not all alone in this crazy all encompassing commitment of mine. Some of them apparently are even doing well financially from it...WOW! Sign me up! He told me about a man who travels round the world, blogging for a living. Well here I sit in the atrium at Esalen and look at me, I am travelling round the world blogging too! Following my bliss, well so long as there is wireless access.

I have a feeling my entries for the next three days will be some what short. There is much socializing and hot springing to be done. Delicious food to eat, and of course karma yoga to participate in. Today I did kitchen work here at Esalen. I ripped up freshly picked lettuce from the Esalen garden. I did this with DM, the blog miester. As I sat tearing lettuce I told him and his friend about this project. DM was really excited, and said he would love to sit down and give me ideas about effectively networking in the blog world. So I sat down to help and received some myself, imagine that.

For those of you who haven’t ever been to Esalen. Here are a few pictures of this glorious oasis.


And that’s it folks! I need to go play, I promise this experience will bring juicy entries soon...but not now.

I will be giving DM 12 days journal #62, inside the front cover with read “Is there a special place you go that feeds your soul?”

I am sure you can guess my answer.

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  1. Lately, it's been a local labyrinth that feeds my soul enormously when I walk it. Last week, I walked it for the first time with my kids and was delighted to see how each of the three of us walked it in very different manners and got very different things out of the experience, but all three of us left there with something positive within. And the kids surprised me by asking me when we would do it again because they really wanted to do it again! I don't force my likes/dislikes on my kids, but it's always a special blessing to me when they show signs of having some similar spiritual connections to what I have.

    Another "place" I go that feeds my soul is music. Listening to it, playing/making it, writing it...it all feeds me. Kirtans feed my soul, but I don't know if it's the mantras or the music that does it. Probably the combination of the two. Beautiful places in nature feed my soul as well.