November 13, 2009

Latest Commitment! Visual Creation

Last night I did something I love to do, and curiously don’t do very often anymore. I drew a picture. Yup, drew a picture. Simple hey. It helped me to get present, just experience the colour, the texture of running a white pastel over the already laid down green, feel it tackiness, one pulling on the other. Drawing grounds me, helps me to express in a way that does not need to be literal, figurative or even metaphorical, just marks on a page.

I commit to creating a piece of visual art every days for the next 12 days. I commit to do this simply for the experience and not look for end product. Be it a doodle or oil on canvas (which is unlikely), it doesn’t matter, so long as it travelled from my mind through my hands to a visual medium.

That is, super simple and EXACTLY what I need right now.


  1. When first introduced to this blog, I committed to 'Arting' every day. The Fire within my Heart is Growing steadily. Creativity is flourishing within day to day life; at the easel, in interactions with co-workers, and toward my self and the humaness which resides here.
    Much gratitude for these inspirations you have alchemically instigated!!

  2. THIS, makes my heart sing, thank you thank you thank you!

  3. I suck at visual art. I have always thought so. But reading your blog reminded me of art classes in grade school when I loved creating visual art, along with seeing how much my daughter loves to do it in HER art classes at school (and at home). It suddenly hit me that art can be just as much a form of self-expression for me as my writing, that I have to think of it as self-expression in order to get the pleasure out of it. For too long I thought it wasn't worth doing if the end result was the only important factor. I'm thinking of it now as a means rather than an end. I'm thinking of looking for an art therapist. I think I have stories to tell that are best told with visual art, not just with novel writing.

    Thanks for that. :-)