November 27, 2009

Day 3 Just Breathe- Jus Dance

I put together the music for Jus Dance tonight. It was wonderful to see so many dancing, smiling, shaking to a musical tapestry of my making. I tasted my calling, it was delicious.


The other side of this dirty coin is that putting together the playlist set off a series of events which took away my “full spectrum”. How do you know when to say “Uncle”?


“How do you know when to walk away?” is the question in 12 days journal #229


  1. in matters of the heart and gonads:
    I know exactly when to walk away...I feel it in my guts. My folly however, is that I don't always listen to my guts....but my gonads are very articulate.

    When it comes to art: I walk away when my arm is too tired to lift the brush to the canvas.... Or when pushing any further feels truly wrong....but somehow my heart just knows.

  2. I like the art part...the gonads part is a problem for sure...sigh.

  3. When I start getting that "head against a brick wall" feeling, I know it's time to move away from the wall.