November 15, 2009

Day 3 Visual Creation- Journal Check

Today I had to fudge my commitment a little. My visual art piece was done on a wood floor. The medium was wood filler. We are filling the cracks so that people can roll around, bare skinned on our beautiful old fir floor without the threat of slivers. I will take picture of the floor and post it here eventually, this will lend credibility to its visual art status.

I wanted to mention something about the 12 days journals. I have noticed a number of people are using the 12 days journals to jot down notes, shopping lists phone numbers, I just want to say...GOOD!! My friend Andreas was a little embarrassed when I saw that he had been using his 12 days journal for doodles and phone numbers. I want you all to know that I want the journals to come back filled with authenticity and wonder. I love whatever they are being used for. Please don’t feel embarrassed, I love you and your journal just as you are! The only thing that really matters is that they COME BACK TO ME!

PLEASE SEND YOUR JOURNALS HOME...when they are ready of course.

“Are there things in life that you use in ways other than their intended purpose?” is Michael Sheely’s question contribution, it lives inside 12 days journal #217. Perhaps another good question might have been “What do you constantly put off that you could take care of in the moment and be more comfortable in doing so?”, I will answer that one right after I go pee!


  1. I reuse stuff all the time in my art, and definately not for what it was originally intended.

  2. Yes, but I can't think of anything in particular at the moment. But yes, all the time!

  3. As an aside, my 12 days journal has been traveling with me. It has been to Ottawa, Ontario, in fact, and was written in by some lovely ladies there. I have several people local to me to whom I want to give the opportunity to write in one, and then after that, I will carry it with me until it tells me where to leave it next. So, it is technically still in circulation and still needing to its space to be filled before it will come home to you. :-)