November 5, 2009

Day 5 Sacred Space- Yellow

Working hard! We put the first coat of paint on the walls. First colour was a 5 dollar can of yellow we got from the paint recycling place, Michael's idea. I love his ideas, the way he finds less conventional ways of meeting needs, he is a magician. Perhaps it may seem obvious to some to go look for paint somewhere other than a paint store, but not to me. He teaches me.

In honour of our first yellow wall, one of my favourite songs. It reminds me also of a dear friend, one whom I have heard is upset with me. I am not exactly sure why, I have suspicions, it does have to do with a blog entry I made back in September. I understand him being angry. I am still proud as hell for standing up for my truth. I can do both, be proud of my actions, stand by me, and understand and empathize with his anger. I think this might be called maturity?

So this is for Michael and our new studio with the two frugal yellow walls and for you too my friend. I love you both very much.

“What is your favorite colour? Why?” is the question in 12 days journal #207, a question I SWORE I would never ask on this blog...never say never!


  1. I hope your(our) friend sees this video and remembers fond memories of when you, me, we lived there. He is a lovely person isn't he.

  2. My favorite color changes often, sometimes depending on my mood, other times just because I'm drawn to a certain color at a certain time.