November 24, 2009

Day 12 Visual Creation- "Shootin Bucks and Drivin Trucks"

He hunts alone.
He uses a crossbow, not a gun.
He goes only by foot.
He uses deer pee to hide his human scent.
Has has got up before daybreak nearly every morning for 3 weeks to track.
He wears camo hats and pants in a town known for its hippies.
He has been a little obsessed.
He is going to fill our freezer for the season.
He took the life of a buck today.
He sat with the buck as it died, he said some prayers and thanked the deer for its life.
He is providing for his family.
He is MY husband, I admire him so much.


“Who is someone you admire?” is the question in 12 days journal #226


  1. wow crossbow that is something! bravo chriso!

  2. oh and to answer the question... i admire myself a lot right now, and also all the mothers and fathers around the world. it cant be easy having kids. i couldnt do it. and dont want to.

  3. That's fantastic!
    I admire anyone who bucks (hee hee) political correctness and chooses to hunt and provide for thier family.
    Killing people = bad!
    Killing animals to feed your family = so right!

  4. Congrats Chris! Roger much prefers the bow to the rifle as it is so much more peaceful for the animal. Did you get to experience squirrels getting busy on your lap too? lol You know you 'smell good' when nature is that comfortable with you! :)

  5. When have i not admired this.???

    There is no questions.

  6. I love that picture! I only "know" Chris by what you've shared here on the blog, but somehow I think that photo totally captures his real's just so fantastically, quintessentially CHRIS. :-)

    After the kind of week I've had, I think I just admire every last one of us who gets up in the morning and keeps on keeping on when we feel like doing anything but.