November 2, 2009

Day 2 Sacred Space- Runt

Crawling out of this terrible frail place, I feel like a little milk deficient runt puppy. I was already loosing weight before this illness happened, today I looked down at myself and decided I look like someone’s skinny old grandma. I told Michael, he said with a smirk and raised brows, “Sexy grandma”. Thanks does help. I want to feel healthy and strong again though, I don’t like feeling weak.

I did venture out most of the day, went to the studio for a long while; made it to choir where I was the one and only soprano trying to belt out the entire melody with only a half set of lungs. It is amazing how tiring intentionally sounding the breath can be! Still no strength or mental clarity left to write though. So another random question.

“What do you think about most often?” is today’s question care of my lovely friend Robin (Hi Robin!), you will find it in 12 days journal #204