August 21, 2009

Latest Commitment! Staycation

I am taking 12 days off. If you read yesterdays post the answer to the question of “How do you find happiness when times are tough?” is I reconnect with family and friends and reduce stress. I love this project, and am committed to seeing it out to the end. I also recognize that the last three commitments have taken their toll, and that I have been running behind for each one, the the stress of this has been effecting my ability to be present. I need a vacation, or perhaps what I need is a STAYcation. To stay home, with my body, with my family, with my friends, to be right here and not constantly trying to recall events from days ago in order to write about them. I am also way behind in making up and distributing journals. I am going to use this time to be all caught up and fresh when I show back up with my soap box and run on sentences in 12 days. I will post a question each day, and if I know myself, perhaps even a few words or a quote; I am limiting myself though to no more than 150 words and am just fine with nothing more than a question and a journal number. Thank you to all of you who read this journal, I love you, and feel your support, I will see you in 12 days!

I commit to taking the next 12 days of from blogging, to continue posting a question and journal number and very little else. I commit to taking time to get present, to catch up on the journal release side of the project, to enjoying myself and those around me, to returning refreshed, caught up and with more ease.

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