August 8, 2009

Day 12 Creative Words- Fruit

Today Michael and I did our first workshop together, as Bernice and Michael. I feel like a 6 year old on the first day of school. There were many obstacles, perhaps we can call them hiccups. Samba bands, electricity outages, lack of walls, and yet it came off wonderfully. Lots of positive feedback, some tears, some expressions of desire to do more art as a result of the experience....HIP HIP HOORAY! We did it!

And so it begins

Part of my work at Tamalpa is to take an experience, and rather than write or talk about it, instead create a piece of art from it. I scribbled down this poem shortly after everyone left. This is a piece of expressive art born from the experience of facilitating expressive art, the fruits of my labour.

The river flows red.
It could easily make me fearful.
Imaginings of chaos, death, ravage.
Imaginings born of stories,
ideas of an unsafe world.
not my world.

MY flowing blood,
rivers of blood.
MY blood coursing through MY body,
carrying all that I need to feel this. THIS.


Anticipation of the river as I conceal less,
expand more,
grow more.
Releasing the small muscle fibres of each blood vessel.
Allowing more space for expanded blood.
Blood super saturated with giant bubbles of all the things i need to be THIS womyn,
MY womyn.
Vibrant ,

I believe I have chosen my calling wisely, I love my work!

“How do you know when you have made the right decision?” is the question in 12 days journal #117

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  1. When I've made the right decision, I feel at peace, at ease, like all is right with my world. Too often I find myself working really hard at something, trying to make it work, when I should realize that if it takes THAT MUCH WORK, I'm going against the flow and should let go of it, go with the tide instead of against it.

    Happily, I'm feeling RIGHT NOW an overwhelming sense of peace, and ease, and that all is right with my world. I love that feeling!