August 23, 2009

Day 3 Time Off- In Alignment

I gave two journals away today. Both times I had them pull tarot card style from a stack. As seems to always be the case the questions were magically, divinely, perfectly aligned with the chosers purpose, speaking to what is alive in them at this time.

Elijah who I met recently is devising a board game which is all about communication, a very in depth, multi layered organization of cards and intention. He chose 12 days journal #94 which asks “How do you communicate?“

Next came a hour and a half long conversation with a man who I met recently, one I knew I had much in common with but as of yet we had not connected. Today we spoke about many things, the underlying current of the conversation being that all of humanity is connected, we are part of the fabric, how the ”us and them“ mentality does not serve. He chose 12 days journal # 99 which asks ”What are the common threads that unite us all as humans?“

”Are you living in alignment with your beliefs and purpose?“
is the question in 12 days journal #132

I know...way over 150 words. Some commitments are easier than others.

1 comment:

  1. For the most part, yes. Sometimes I struggle to stay in alignment with them, but thankfully it doesn't seem to take me long to realign when I get off-track.