July 1, 2009

Day 10 One on One- Gadyo

There was a change in plans. Ayla and I were suppose to fly to Spokane tomorrow from Oakland. Chris, Rose and Lily were going to continue camping on their way up towards the west coast of Canada. Ayla needs to go home to start rehearsing for a performance she has at the end of July. I need to go home for a performance on the 3rd and 4th, then I am leaving again, making my way to the coast with Michael and leaving Ayla behind with her Nana. Well Ayla and I are still on our way home, but instead of being carried by a plane, we are being carried by our trusty truck and camper. Chris decided he wanted to come home, camp in Canada instead. We decided this last night at Seaside, and are now at the Oregon/California border. Just two States to go!

We were slow getting going this morning, then stopped to fish and swim. We haven’t made a good deal of head way yet. I think Ayla is freaked out we will be late for her rehearsals. The sun is going down, this is when we make consistent progress once the little ones fall asleep.

I have really enjoyed these last 4 days. Wandering round California, house on our backs. I am descendent of many peoples, a proper Heinz 57, but I identify most with my Spanish Gypsy heritage. I am told the term “Gypsy” is not PC, that I should call myself one of the Roma people or the Gadyo people. I am not sure about this, I have always loved the romantic associations of being a Gypsy. I find I am at my most relax when I don’t know where I will be the next day. Nomadic blood runs through these veins.

“What part of your heritage or ancestry do you most relate to?“ is the question in 12 days journal #79

I have been stockpiling journals again, this journal as well as the last two sit in my bag. I am travelling, which is a great time to give them away but haven’t sat still long enough. Our family has been very insular and to ourselves these last few days, I suppose this was the point of this commitment. I am going to make a better effort to leave the journals daily and get out of this new stockpiling habit. Part of this is getting back into the habit of making up the journal each day and not leaving it to be done 3 an 4 journals at a time.

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  1. I don't feel much like I relate to my heritage/ancestry. I'm a Western European mutt: German, French, English, and Irish. I wish I felt the pull of my Celtic heritage, but I don't, not really. I don't feel much pull toward my Germanic heritage, either, except as pertains to the gory original fairy tales a la Grimm Brothers. LOL.

    I felt some connection to my English heritage when I was in England. LOVED it there and have decided to start saving money so that I can take my kids there someday. As with France, I always say that all my German relatives are French; they live in the Alsace region which has gone back and forth between France and Germany for centuries. I've met one of my French cousins, and my dad has gone there to visit the extended family. As I took French in high school and minored in it in college, I do feel a slight pull in that direction, at least as far as visiting the extended family and Alsace area. I feel most connected when I find myself enjoying a meal in courses that takes a long time to consume...LOL...it's common in France to linger over a good meal with good wine and good conversation and I love to do that, too.

    Other than that, I love the history of both England and France (especially re: how they often interconnected) and have studied both, but I don't know if any of this really "counts" as an answer to your question. Eh, it is what it is. LOL.