July 4, 2009

Day 1 Body of Water- Haute Kooture

ACK! I give myself permission to slack of on writing and here I am two days late on this entry. So here is the skinny!

Michael arrived today. He came all this way knowing I had to make the trip to Victoria, a 14 hour journey, in a very short period of time. He hitchhiked out to share the driving, and so we could get to know each other better before doing the show with the L.O.V.E collective on the 6th. I am so happy he is here.

We went to Red Sands for my very first swim in the commitment. It was freezing and wonderful. There are great rocks on the beach to sun yourself after the cold plunge into the Glacial waters of Kootenay Lake. Red Sands is a clothing optional beach so I also got to go NAKED!

Later I modelled in the Day and Night fashion event, showcasing local designers. There are so many funky fashions which come out of Nelson, many of them from eco and recycled fabrics. I was in yesterdays show as well which show cased Day wear, tonight was evening wear. I got to wear some of the very talented Becky Norris’ fashions. As soon as I was done on the runway I dash out, to start the long drive to Victoria with Michael. It wasn't until it was too late to turn back that I realized I was still wearing the dress I had modelled, a gorgeous sparkly brown frock with an abbreviated asymmetrical hem line, lots of ruffles and a deep plunging neckline. My hair was big, my make up bold and when I walked into 7-11 at midnight to get gas, there were a fair number of stares.... high eco fashion is the perfect attire in which to start road trip!

None of the photo’s from the fashion show turned out, but perhaps some will show up on facebook, apparently due to the minimal length of my dress, there are a number of shoots which are intimate in nature, I can only hope people are kind enough to NOT post these ones!

“Do you have a story from a memorable road trip?” is the question in 12 days journal 82, which I am going to give to my new friend Seth who I met through Micheal, he was in the kitchen at the Point Street House when I was trying to come up with today’s question, it sounds as though her just came back from an epic bike trip, I am sure he has a few stories!

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  1. B, I got stalled on this page because I just couldn't make up my mind which story I wanted to share, then once I decided which one was best, I realized there was just no way to explain it...it was one of those "you had to be there" type of experiences! LOL. Will catch up with everything today. :-)