July 11, 2009

Day 8 Body of Water- Transparency

Today Michael met the rest of my family. Kelly, Chris, Michael, Lily, Rosy and I spent the day swimming in the ocean, listening to music, dancing and getting to know each other at the 7th Annual Diversity Festival on Texada Island, British Columbia, Canada.

“How honest is/was your relationship with your parents?“ is written in the front cover of 12 days journal #89

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  1. My relationship with my dad is about as honest as it can be. I'm glad to have that freedom with him, that we can tell each other anything and it's safe and ok to do so. My relationship with my mom doesn't lend itself well to honesty; my mom would be hurt, offended, and upset by my honest thoughts and feelings, so I keep them to myself and resent that I have to. It puts a lot of strain on our relationship, let me tell you!