July 10, 2009

Day 7 Body of Water- Crossing the Water

Today is a travelling day. Our journey includes 4 ferry crossings, it likely will take us 12 hours, to make it 30 kilometres, as the crow flies, from our starting point. This is the reality of island travel. The up side is we have to “hurry up and wait” a lot. Waiting for 4 ferries means lots of visiting, meeting new people, unexpected events and lots of down time. On the first trip cross the water this morning we met a man. He told me his name, but I won’t attempt to write it. He told me in his native tongue and it includes many sounds not represented on this limited keyboard. He was born around Powell River, his people have lived in the area for thousands of years. He sang us a traditional song which is sung when crossing the water. As he sang I danced, Michael sang along, Noel drummed. I didn’t know at the time but Steve took a photo, I am glad he did. I am happy to have had this magical moment to share with you.


Just before leaving Cortes Island a crew from the L.O.V.E collective swam (NAKED), for likely the last time this summer, in Hague Lake. I have forgot to mention before now that I have swum naked everyday except once. Perhaps I should have made this the “swimming naked everyday for 12 days commitment”!

“What do you love about summer?” is the question in 12 days journal #88

In the summer I am naked more than in the winter, and this nakedness often happens around other, usually when swimming or sunbathing. When I am naked more, when I am around others who are naked more, I am kinder to myself about how my body looks. I find I am gentler with the idea of what my body is “suppose” to look like in the summer, this is one of the many things I love about summer.

We are off to the Diversity Festival on Texada Island. Festivals are another thing I love about summer!


  1. yah, ok, like with YOUR beauty YOU would EVER have to worry about body image girl friend! ruthie

  2. I LOVE that picture, B...so often in your photos, you just glow! And it makes me want to steal away just a teeny bit of it for myself. :-)

    I love weather warm enough to wear shorts and tank tops. I love the fresh air and the ability to get out in it and breathe it in. I love being able to take the kids to playgrounds and splash pads and swimming pools. I love not having to waste skads of time bundling up before we can go outside. I love having the windows open and getting the fresh air blowing through my home. I love being out in the rain when it's warm enough for the rain to not make me cold (summer rain is the BEST!). And along with your stuff about nakey-ness, I love being able to sleep in the nude without getting cold.

  3. I almost forgot. I love to be able to go out hiking and taking long walks, and bike riding.