July 24, 2009

Day 9 Communicate- Habit

Ack....so much time communicating, in this commitment and the last, has meant falling behind on the blog. It is becoming a habit. A habitual pattern that I do not want to continue repeating yet I am. “What are your habits?” is the question in 12 days journal 102. I would like to write a great entry all about habits and patterns, how they get in the way of communication, but this habit of mine has translated into me sitting here with 2 more entries to write and a bunch of journals to make. My habit is getting in the way of me communicating with you the way I want to. Today’s entry is an example rather than an explanation. So from here on there will be no more insightful words, just the facts.

I have given away 6 journals today:

Jesse Lee got 12 days journal #95, “What are you addicted to?”. He told me had found another of my journals, he drew a picture in it, which is now his facebook profile pic.

Chris got another journal. 12 days journal #86, “How do you stay centred when life gets hectic?”

Kelly is a part of our family and so as I was passing out journals to love ones it was time I gave her one too. She got 12 days journal #80, “What special talent/light/gift do you share with the world, making it a richer place?”

My poet friend, Timothy, got 12 days journal #87, “What is your definition of family?“

Erin, the dancing goddess of commitment got 12 days journal# 98, “Who do you feel safe to share your deepest despair with? Why?”

And Finally I gave one to my dear dear love Richardo. Really I hardly know Richardo, we met in California, I recognized him, at Harbin Hot-springs, as the beyond gorgeous god of a man I would often drool over at Oso Negro back in Nelson. We spent an evening together, he introduced me to another friend, Tal, who had a profound effect on my life. Richardo and I see each other here in Nelson now and then, and although we only speak rarely, I love him, deeply, words are not always necessary. Richardo got 12 days journal #89, “How honest is/was your relationship with your parents?“ Ok this paragraph was a tiny bit insightful after all.

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  1. Must have coffee...every morning...no matter what. Other habits come and go depending upon the current circumstances of my life, but this one never changes. LOL.