July 28, 2009

Day 1 Creative Words- Bracketed

This is what is called a “stream of consciousness poem”. A therapeutic tool which allows the writer (in this case ME) to not censor, a chance to be released from the responsibility of owning projections and crap. Something I have come to call a “shit brackets poem”. The key to reading this poem is not taking it literally, don’t analyse it, that won’t work. Just sit with what resonates, what it provokes and discard the rest. (Oh and there are swears in it, if you don’t like swear words stop here)

Where is my hair clip, my wallet, my keys?
Is this laundry dirty or clean?
When did I last shower? Oh god I am falling behind.
Clogged drain, another mess made, water all over the floor.
I close my eyes and imagine leaving the shower running into the night,
I wake up, fresh in the morning carried away by the water,
live off coconuts and sing to the stars,
no school meetings or bottle drives to attend.
You want honesty? Ok
I don’t go to school meetings or bottle drives,
I forget them, then cover my ass,
make up some bullshit to hide my forgetful ways.
I forget because I am full.
There in no room at my inn,
in my head,
no more in at the inn.
So go away Jesus, go away.
You may be all I dreamed of, what I believe in to save my soul.
I know I asked for you
but this is too hard,
too careful are the words, too measured,
too hard, too fucking hard,
Too too.
This won’t work, my me does not fit in with your you.
We may have learned to love from the same erotica,
speak in words the other understands,
both discard the bread, each for our own reasons,
mine maybe not quite so real as yours,
...but that is your pedestal to live on.
This pedestal that I have taken over the construction of,
wondering who built it before I come along?
Who designed this fucking thing?
I remember back when I attached that last board,
thwack thwack thwack
nails through your hands, fastening you to your crucifix
and wonder...
did I leave my keys there?

Thanks for reading.

“How do you use creative writing and/or poetry in your life?” is today’s question and will live inside the front cover of 12 days journal #106, as soon as I get organized, and actually make it.

“Art is the finest form of projection”
-Fritz Perls


  1. That is an amazing fucking poem. I love it. I hear you.

  2. Wow. I love the last few lines.

  3. I forgot to answer your question. LOL. I use creative writing as a safe outlet for deep, possibly harsh emotions, as a means of sorting through deep feelings to try to make sense of them so that I can share them more clearly with the person/people I need to share them with. Creative writing helps to keep me sane! It boosts my self-esteem, my self confidence, and my mood. I am a writer, first and foremost...I couldn't imagine my life without writing being in it.