July 8, 2009

Day 5 Body of Water- Just Not There

Still no pictures, the days have been too full of performances, rehearsals, circles, and travel to do anything but keep up. No words either, just a question

“How do you stay centred when life gets hectic?” is in 12 days journal #86, which doesn’t actually exist yet as I haven’t had a chance to make it yet.

Oh wait I do have some words. I went swimming in Hague Lake with Joelique today. I actually SWAM, like for real swimming. The day was warm, the lake was great, the company sweet. Cortes Island is a true paradise being here with the L.O.V.E Collective makes it that much sweeter.

1 comment:

  1. Me time/alone time. Absolutely essential to help me stay centred. If I don't get any me/alone time for too long, I get skewed. LOL.