July 28, 2009

Latest Commitment! Creative Writing

I was going to do 12 days of organization, I felt I needed it. My life feels so very disorganized at the moment, my physical world, my emotional world, my mental world, all rooms piled high with so much stuff, very little of it in the “proper” place, if such a place exists. I decided instead to go the other route, rather than take a heady approach, I am going to use the expressive arts approach. Apply some of the knowledge I have gained at the Tamalpa Institute to my own life, make art from my life’s process.

I commit to using the next 12 days to showcase and explore my own creative writing and the creative writing of others. I will either write some poetry/prose, or post some of my existing work, or perhaps post the work of others. I will use these writings and the process of their creation or exploration to find clarity around my feelings of disorganization in both my internal and external world.

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