October 8, 2009

Latest Commitment! Not Named

Today marks the day that 12 days journal #179 goes out into the world. It also marks the day that I have 179 days left in this project. As the start date of this project was a little ambiguous, what with it starting before I knew it was starting and that it took me a few days to come up with the idea for the journals, I am deciding that TODAY is the official halfway point....I have written more entries than I have left, this feels very good.

In honour of this I am going to do something I haven’t done before. I am going to do a private commitment, one that only I know about, no one else. As it is very personal, I may or may not revel the commitment at the end. I will be calling it the 12 Days That Shall Not Be Named. If you are one of the folk who is doing these commitments along with me choose something that is personal, something that needs reflection, deep work, then do it for the next 12 days. Perhaps set yourself a commitment to ponder one thing for 12 days and to make a decision about it.


  1. Hmmm, talk about a mystery ;)

    I don't necessarily DO the commitments with you (climbing Pulpit Rock would have been hard to do this far away, etc.) ... but I DO enjoy keeping up on you! Blessings on this next 12 days, and may your expectations be exceeded my friend!

  2. Yes! I started doing this, committing myself to something that needs reflection and deep work, today, the same day I just read this entry. I am right there with you, B! Love and best of luck with yours. I will think of you as I work on mine. :-)