October 21, 2009

Day 2 Listen- MMI

Michael and I are off today to Port Townsend, Washington. Just below Canada, on the Pacific Coast is the Madrone MindBody Institute (MMI), where we will be attending a Soul Motion workshop. MMI was started by two dance friends, Allison and Aletia, it is their baby, a converted Military base gymnasium come movement studio. The whole military base has been turned into an eclectic Conference Centre, MMI being but one of the fantastic centres for change that now sit on this land. What a great reclamation of old buildings on a beautiful site; making a place for personal growth out of a former centre for the war machine is a step in the right direction!


“What has war taught us?” is the question in 12 day journal #192.

This question is dedicated to my wonderful, quirky, and ever so alpha husband Chris, I love you sweet man.

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  1. It has taught us pessimism, hatred, mourning, grief, anger, and ignorance. I'm not a fan! LOL.