October 22, 2009

Day 3 Listen- A Dancing We Will Go

8:40 AM- Woke up this morning by the side of the road near Spokane, Washington. I find this part of road tripping to be kind of eerie. I told Michael this morning that I kept imagining someone coming to tap on the car window, get us to move along. Time to get up!

10:42 AM- North Eastern Washington is a bit sparse. We couldn’t seem to find a locally owned, organic, wholesome delicious place for breakfast, so instead we hit the Starbucks and drank coffee, while cutting up avocados, spreading them on corn-cakes. Delicious. Michael and I eat very similarly, corn cakes have played a major role in our relationship. I am sitting typing as Michael reads. The girls behind the counter are speaking about Halloween and the Bible. We have had more than a few stares and questioning looks, we don’t exactly fit in here. I love this about road tripping, how in an hour the whole social climate can change, we will be in Seattle before long, the birthplace of this Starbucks, the town where I could sit here drinking coffee and still be supporting local entrepreneurship. A city where Michael and I can walk in decked out in hemp, feathers and funky shoes and go relatively unnoticed...relatively.

3:46 PM- We are on the Coast! Our car is filled with groceries for our workshop. Trader Joe's sells Organic Butter for 4.59 a pound...can you believe it? And our Canadian maple syrup is about half the price here. I know the cost difference is accounted for somewhere, perhaps in lower wages or unfair trade...I am weak, what can I say. I would go on about the cost of feeding a family of 6, but would only be justifying to myself so I will save you the reading. We sit here in a cafe doing the internet thing, we are somewhere in Seattle, not sure where, but google map will get us where we need to go.

4:20 PM- SHIT! We didn’t realize Port Townsend was still 2 hours away! We are now racing to make the workshop on time.

4:31 PM- DOUBLE SHIT! We just realized there is a ferry to take into consideration...man this ocean stuff is hard for a land locked girl like me!

6: 13 PM- TRIPLE SHIT! I was up on deck changing and putting on some make-up when the ferry docked. The Captain forgot to make an announcement, it was the womyn cleaning the bathroom who let me know the cars were already getting off. I ran like a bionic womyn to catch up with Michael, who was of course patiently waiting for me down the road with only some little funny remark. He accepts and loves my flakiness, this I love about him.

10:20 PM- Ahh... In our room after dancing with Vinn. Heaven. More Tomorrow.

“What do you struggle with while travelling?” is the question in 12 days journal #193

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