October 18, 2009

Day 11 Committed To Self- Tired

I am flying home from school today. The weekend has been incredibly intense, I feel like a I need to sleep for a week. That is not going to happen though. I am going home to unpack the house, then leave on Wednesday for Port Townsend, Washington, to go dance Soul Motion.

With all the amazing experience there is so much to write about, art installations, passionate conversation, environmental work (going out into the community and doing improvised movement based on a score set before hand) in both a city setting and by the raging ocean. There was barely a moment where some amazing thing didn’t happen!

...and I am tired, and while not uninspired, certainly feeling a little numb. I don’t have a lot for you right now. In an effort to make this entry worth reading here is a excerpt from what I wrote this weekend. Perhaps if I get my stuff together I will also get a picture from Ue to add before I submit this.

“Oh we never do that!” she said.

I now realize, many months later, that what I saw was wistfulness. Wistful for what I wonder, fresh perspective alive and banging at the door. It was not judgement of me as I had imagined, but a soft silent plea for the days of bliss and ease. I am instantly convinced that the memories of those days bring such a strong desire for return that they are what is making her smaller and smaller, and in a pathetic sort of way, ever hopeful.“

I wrote this on a collage I made, a depiction of my ideal self as a facilitator, one that turned out to be about framing and reframing. I burnt the collage on Diwali, sent my intentions up the chimney, after I ripped off this writing that is, I have a harder time letting go of creative writing than visual art. This piece came from one glance into the eye of a man I don’t know very well, with the glance I created a story, and wrote this little snippet. I was thinking of starting a novel when I am finished with this project. Seems like such a mountain to climb though...a book, a WHOLE book!

”If you wrote a book what would it be about?“ is the question in 12 days journal #189

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  1. I do write books. Historical romance. My next goal is to get published.