October 12, 2009

Day 5 Committed To Self- I'm So Thankful

I am Thankful for breakfast with my family, in a sunny breakfast nook.
I am Thankful for Oso Negro coffee.
I am Thankful for hoards of friends coming over for a big meal at our newly refreshed and revitalized home.
I am Thankful for natures medicine.
I am Thankful for the adventures coming up in California.
I am Thankful for abundant food, water, and space.
I am Thankful for music.
I am Thankful for yoga. Bhakti, Karma and Assana especially.
I am Thankful for chocolate.
I am Thankful for dance and a dance tribe the whole world over, many of whom I have not met yet.
I am Thankful for conversations that are real and from the heart.
I am Thankful for quite times, reading and writing with family nearby.
I am Thankful for alone time.
I am Thankful for nature. Glories, chaotic nature in all it’s haphazard tenacity.
I am Thankful for little insights, glimpses into the nature and tenderness of those I love, windows of deep understanding.
I am Thankful for art in all its forms, for its ability to communicate the human condition, and help me to feel a part of the world.
I am Thankful for humour, laughter, silliness, and cuddles.
I am Thankful for the new cuddle space in my house which is always filled with bodies, bodies that know a good thing when they feel it.
I am Thankful for writing, the sweet, beautiful, blissful outlet of this page right here, where I can artfully be me. “Living artfully with the wounded self”
I am Thankful for many many many things...so many I could go on and on and on......
but I am also Thankful for time, time to live outside this page, to do things other than writing, so I will stop here for now... well right after I add one more.

(The quality is not great, a writer I am, a filmmaker I am not!)

I am Thankful for you, whomever you are who is reading this now, you. I am Thankful that I am part of your life, whatever that means for us, for you, for me. I am Thankful for all the ways you contribute to this 12 days 2 inspire project, how you support me, love me, accept me.
I am Thankful for you.

“What happened today that you are thankful for?” is the question in 12 days journal #183


  1. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving!
    Enjoyed the video - you don't give yourself enough credit! :)

  2. amazing, that as soon as our big first rainSTORM in the SFBay area passed through (for now) my internal storm lifted as well. I definitely went 'through' something, still not even sure what, but every molecule feels different--so I just now checked back in here and vroom! Wow--wouldn't ya just know it--girlfriend (ms. B) has shifted in to a new space (metaphorically and physically!) renovated something as well. hahahaha. your abundant life is challenging to B sure. great to see your community on video. what a lovely grateful/full of grace video too. i humbly shyly excitedly curtsy and blush into your tribe. sometimes not sure if i'm following this blog like I read good novels. I carry concern and interest for all the characters, players on this stage. blessings to all of you. i'm off in a couple of days to cross this continent to visit my family. and also becoming more and more real with family, letting all the rough, raw and tender edges show and still hold love and tenderness for them. ah, a thought, maybe if enough of us are actually doing this peeling back the layers, truth-telling, revealing, being truly fiercely vulnerable --maybe we can shift the energy in the wider world, like bringing forth renewal on many levels. wouldn't that at least feel worth all the 'storming'? maybe if i could see hints of that, i could be thankful for the storm itself. hmm....
    hug you, wish i could be dancing spinning soon with you somewhere,

  3. zigi, my love...thank you. Your reflection is much needed. Last night the storm revisted, but without ferocity, this means there is no damage to repair like there had been in the midst of the hurricane force storm. I am so happy to hear your own mysterious storm has subsided. Safe travels. I like the idea of this blog being a continually reveled novel....hmmm.


  4. Beautiful slide show, Bernice! Thanks!

    I'm thankful to have such a full, satisfying, beautiful, interesting life, and that I have wonderful friends and family to share it with. How's that for covering it all in one fell swoop? LOL.