October 10, 2009

Day 3 Committed To Self- Let's Go Home

Let’s Go Home
Late and starting to rain, it’s time to go home
We’ve wandered long enough in empty buildings.
I know it is tempting to stay and meet those new people.
I know it’s even more sensible
to spend the night here with them,
but I want to go home.

We’ve seen enough beautiful places with signs on them
Saying “This is God’s House”
That’s seeing the grain like the ants do,
without the work of harvesting.
Let’s leave grazing the the cows and go
where we know what everyone really intends,
where we can walk around without clothes on.


I want to go home. I want to live in my home again...where I can walk around with no clothes on.

“Where do you consider to be your home?” is the question in 12 days journal #181

1 comment:

  1. My home is, well, my home, the place where I live. The place where I nurture myself as well as my kids. The place where any of the nastiness of the world is not welcome. The space that is sacred. The space created by love. This home, where I live right now, is the home of my heart as well as my body. This is where I can live my truth in peace, without judgment or criticism, where I can invite in those I love and bar those I don't. This is my home...this is the place where I feel loved and at peace.