September 22, 2009

Day 9 Pleasure Revolution- A Dream Shared

Michael and I have a studio! Right now it is filled with walls, paint cans, junk, fabric and other various clutter. By November it will be an open dance space, with beautiful wood floors, high ceilings, a sky light to flood the place with natural light, and a nook with a bed where I will write this blog and many more inspired things.

I already had a studio space in my mothers house. She was so very generous and sweet to have created it for me, my brothers helped and I was so grateful, content with it, or so I thought. I now realize it never really felt like a grown up, big girl space, I had to walk through my mothers entrance, the bathroom was shared and it was in a basement.

Michael has dreamt of an open work space, with a rich wood floor, for much longer than we have known each other. He shared this dream with me when we began working together. I admit I didn’t get it; why pay all that money in rent when you can just rent studio space when needed? He didn’t try to change my mind, just remained focused on his dream, quietly and gracious as always.

I got a call just before going into class last week. My friend Linda and I had stopped for coffee, I sat stirring honey into my cappuccino as he told me about the walls that had to be moved, the cost, the skylight, the potential, he sounded so excited. As I began to visualize us in the space, I finally got it, finally understood his vision. Having a dedicated space, to “go to work” each day, a place that is ours no matter the hour, a space to build our unique work, to grow our non-human baby.

Linda and I drove to school clucking like chickens, discussing all the potential, the ideas, the dreams. She too had just come up with an idea for a dedicated space for a living arts museum. By the time we arrived at the school studio it hit me in full magnitude, that this was such an important step towards success. A step I would not have taken without Michael, at least not yet.

This morning Michael showed me the studio, he had told Gordon, the landlord, that once I arrived home from California, and had a chance to see it, we would decide whether to commit. It was Michael's dream, he could have gone ahead without me, but he didn’t, he is sharing his dream with me. We walked down to the bank, he withdrew 2 months rent. We took it up to Gordon and signed on the dotted line.

As of November 1st, we will have our own beautiful studio space on Baker Street, downtown Nelson, British Columbia.

Stay tuned, amazing things on the horizon!

“What are your dreams?” is the question in 12 days journal #162

(Taken the day after we met, the beginning of something amazing)


  1. Congratulations B and Michael!! I have been dreaming of a yoga studio, a place for sangha, sharing, community, of healing and joy! 6 weeks ago I met a woman with a yoga studio she was about to close and with my energy and dedication and her giving me title of 'head honcho' as she said yesterday, we are celebrating our grand opening tomorrow! I have a studio too!!
    If your dreams and visions ever take you to London you must come to my lovely studio and offer up a workshop in dance!

    This is a big step! It is so powerful to dream our dreams into reality!

    palms together,

  2. Done Tracy!! Thanks for the opportunity....ditto if you ever find yourself in Nelson!

  3. Nothing to say here. Just grinning hugely for all 3 of you, B, Michael, and Tracy. :-D