September 15, 2009

Day 2 Pleasure Revolution- County Mouse, City Mouse

Country Mouse, City mouse

One day Country Mouse decided to go see City Mouse, she hopped on a plane and flew a thousand miles to the big city by the ocean. City Mouse was so happy to see Country Mouse, because she loves her so, AND because she was about to welcome Baby Mouse. She was happy Country Mouse would be there to welcome Baby Mouse. Country Mouse was so happy to have been invited for this special special day.

The night Country Mouse arrived she slept in the living room, she was a little surprised how small City Mouse’s house was. She decided that here in the city, where lots of mice live, there isn’t so much room to spread out. She was a tiny bit afraid, she had heard stories of the big city by the ocean and had watched lots of silly movies which made her believe there were lots of robbers and bad guys. Country mouse decided maybe she shouldn’t believe those movies anymore, then she fell asleep.

In the morning they went with Mousi-ji, the papa of Baby Mouse, to go dance and have breakfast in a fancy city restaurant. Country mouse got a little schooled by the nice waiter, but he also rubbed City Mouses tummy so everything turned out OK. Then the four mice, one still neatly tucked inside her mama, went shopping. Country mouse bought sexy undies and a Marilyn Mousro dress for 10 bucks! Then City Mouse needed to nap, so they went back home to have a rest.

The next day City Mouse was feeling a little mousy she decided to take Country Mouse for a real treat. Country mouse took some of her country herbs and they set out on an adventure. Country Mouse got a little overwhelmed, couldn’t handle the Bed, Bath, and Beyond and wanted to get out of there. Then they went to Trader Joe's where the mice bought chocolate which made everything better. Next was the Korean spa, which was unlike anything Country Mouse had ever imagined, she told City Mouse she wanted to come back to the city by the ocean every month so she could live like a movie star! The mice went home clean and content.

While Country Mouse was having a whole lot of fun, she did wonder if she would ever get to meet Baby Mouse, but you know what they say:

“Baby mice come when baby mice are ready”

Another day came and so they set out on another adventure. City mouse had planned to go see Dr. Mouse this day (ok she was actually a midwife mouse, but it doesn’t have as nice a ring to it) Dr. Mouse weighed and poked and talked and told City Mouse she looked wonderful and healthy and had such a nice shiny coat. City Mouse was doing a very good job taking care of Baby Mouse. The mice left Dr. Mouse and went to get Vietnamese food. There was some more shopping and indulging and lots of talk about babies, boy mice and important mouse work that must be done in this crazy world.

In the afternoon City Mouse napped while Country Mouse rode a bike down to the ocean. Country mouse thought what a lovely holiday she had had, thought it would be nice to come visit more often, but that it was time to go back to where there were more trees and plants, where food grew and birds sang.

City mouse and Mousi-ji dropped Country Mouse off at the edge of town (Well... in Malibu). They hugged and kissed and said good-bye. Country Mouse was still a little sad she didn’t get to meet Baby Mouse, but she knows that “Baby mice come when baby mice are ready”

Thank you City Mouse and Mousi-ji...i love you and will keep you in my thoughts until Baby mouse arrives safely, and steals both your hearts away.

“What do you love about the city?” is the question in the front cover of 12 days journal #155


  1. I so thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your creative writing ... and daily blog! This was especially enjoyable and can't wait to hear an update when baby mouse is born!

  2. i am enjoying you so much Bernice. Thankyou for sharing your courageous self. xoxo Keep your blogs coming. i find your reality such a welcomed bucked of ice water over my head. hee hee...


  3. I really liked this entry. It was very funny. The thing that I like about the city is going for a short while, eating food that I can't eat at home, looking at all the lights and then getting the heck out of there!!!

  4. More than anything else, I love the variety! Bet you thought I would say diversity, didn't you? Nope. Diversity is pretty much commonplace here, so I kind of take it for granted. But the variety! I love being near the city because I can usually find just about anything I'm looking for, and often have many varieties of what I'm looking for to choose from. I also love the energy...I feed off of the collective energy of the hustle and bustle of the city. I love seeing something new and different around just about every corner. I love the big city parks. I love that I had nature and wide-open spaces very near my city...I feel like I'm in a great place for being able to enjoy and experience both city and country. It's awesome!