September 3, 2009

Day 2 Walkabout- Oombellafish

What a difference a day makes! Many arms have hugged me since yesterdays post. Some in person, some cyber, all lovely. Thank you to all of you wonderful people.

This evening Rosy had a sleep-over with her friend Sage. They are master bargainers, and managed to get both extra play time AND a story. Michael and I wrote them a bedtime story, line by line; he started, then I added a sentence and so on and so on until it ended. Which was abrupt as it was getting late. Here is the story we read to the girls before they went to sleep.

“One unbelievably fantastic day in the far off land of Oombellafish, a very sunny afternoon was interrupted by a very wet rain storm. All the cats and dogs went running for cover, the streets became eerily quiet and baren, save the pounding of the rain. Soon the streets began to fill with water and rivers were flowing where once balls had bounced, mice darted behind dumpsters in a game as old as time. The soil began to loosen and soon the trees gave way to the torrent, sliding down the rivers like an amusement park ride. Boats went past, floating barrels and bathing ducks. Then a sudden splash fell across the wet street river as the tail of a particularly large fish waved into view. He brought with him a whole school of fish in all different shapes, sizes and brilliant colours. For three glorious days Oombellafish was a marvellous water wonderland.”

“What is your favourite story?“ is the question in 12 days journal #143


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  1. I don't think I have a favorite. I do love to tell funny stories about my kids...they love to hear them, especially Mira, whose favorite is her birth story and how she pooped on my hand when she was only a few minutes old. LOL.