September 24, 2009

Day 11 Pleasure Revolution- A Day in the Life

9:16 AM- Well I crawled out of my closet last night, went down to Michael’s. He is living with my friend Jill for the month of September. Our family has all agreed that when we move back into our house, which has been under renovation for the last 3 months, that Michael will move in with us. This morning living with two partners seems like a terrifying prospect. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of living life in alignment with my belief system, the idea of challenging the norm and possibly even the constitutional definition of family. I love the idea of being with all the people I love, all of us working towards common goals and ideals. I welcome combined effort and the creation of ease from the stress of the nuclear family unit. I am just not looking forward to 6 grumpy folk in one house in the morning, the quite resentment that mornings are so effective at breeding. Ugh...mornings.

Doing these timeline posts is always a bit of a vulnerable choice. I have no idea if today will be interesting or dull. We shall see.

10:06 AM- Jilly Bean showed up at Oso to have her morning coffee. She had to leave before our conversation had ended so I walked over to her shop where she was meeting Brian Rosen of Brian Rosen and the What Now, to hem a sweet pair of retro cords he acquired. Jill, runs Nelson Sewing Solutions, a shop where you can bring your old clothes and she will make them not only new again, but super funky. She is the queen of patchwork and crotch repair. I am listening from the back room as they negotiate payment for his hemming; he will get a new hem made to look authentically ratty and she will get one of their albums, a very Nelson transaction.

12:15 PM- Chris and I just had lunch with Seth and Katie, our new neighbours! We sat down together and made an agreement to finance a transaction for them to buy one of the lots that sit beside our house up in the trees on the side of our mountain. They are lovely, we gave them a journal each. As the meeting was ending I realized the address which is on the back of the journal is actually their new address. I took out a mail box on this vacant lot of ours when I started this project, Chris was concerned about giving our home address out given that there is so much personal info on the blog. Now when anyone mails a journal back it will be received by our two beautiful new friends and the little Aquarian who will be born this winter. How wonderful is that?

2:21 PM- Just came back to Jill’s alteration shop after a lunch with Kim and her friend, Laura. My indulgence for today was eating at the Preserved Seed. I have been very frugal lately, cash flow has been a big issue for us and eating out was the first thing to come off the budget. I talked to Laura about being Polyamorous, she was completely in the dark, had never even heard the word, and either I am getting better at explaining it or she is uber receptive because it was as though I was giving her my family chicken recipe. She asked questions and didn’t seem ruffled by the concept at all. So refreshing. On a whim Jill, Kim and I decided to have dinner at Jill’s place, as soon as we work out the menu I will be off to get the kids at school and pick up groceries.

(The Preserved Seed, wholesome delicious food with a side of religious fervour)

4:54 PM- Holy cow! How did it get so late? I picked up my babies at school. Drove up to the house where Chris, Kelly and Michael are working, talked to Chris about the selling of the property, then made arrangements for dinner. Rose is coming with me to dinner at Jills, which means we will also be hanging with Michael, Chris and Kelly are taking Lily to buy groceries for her party tomorrow, Ayla is going for dinner with my mom.

I came home and messed around with the blog; tried to make it look uncluttered while adding a twitter feed. I swore I wasn’t going to give into this twitter thing... I did anyway. Now I have exactly 30 minutes to work on an entry from 2 days ago, so I can upload it and get THIS one up...though not until after 11:59 tonight.

Geez, if you are still reading this my hat comes off to you, this entry seems pretty boring so far!

10:33 PM- Our dinner was great, well...mostly. Rosy and I joined Jill, Kim and Kim’s daughter, Sage. We made food, sang, rolled around on the floor, invibed (which came before the rolling around not after). We had a girls dinner along with one of my favourite boys, Mr. Michael. It was lovely. So lovely in fact that I stayed too late, it was almost 10:00 before I left, which is 2 hours past Rosy’s bedtime...oops. I could have stayed over with Michael, but I wanted Rosy’s morning time routine to stay...well...routine, so I decided to take her home. Trouble was I didn’t want to leave the fun...or Michael, so I stayed too late, her routine was messed with anyway. Sigh, must let go of my “mother guilt” and judgement. She had a wonderful time and fell right to sleep when she got home. So what is the “mostly” part? There is a distance between Michael and I tonight, I am sad about it, very sad. My hope is that before 11:59 PM I will be able to write to you that we have spoken, that we are back in a place of deep connection. We will see.

11:53 PM- Sniff sniff...conversation didn’t go well. I am glad this day is almost over. Goodnight.

“What is you favourite way to spend an evening?” is the question in 12 days journal #164


  1. It varies so much that I could never narrow it down to a favorite!

  2. B, I am never sure where to write you - here, facebook wall or inbox! You are obviously hurting right now, and you have a LOT going on! House renovations, a new studio, travelling more then the travellers that get paid on TV I'm sure! Then you have 2 men, a woman and 3 kids to care for ... I know they care back ... I guess I'm just saying that you are hugged ((((((((((((hug))))))))))))), loved, and as much as I would miss 'seeing' you daily, if you need a 12 day inspiration for yourself and OFF this box, then blessings to you! I would give you the pause button ... if only I had one! hehe

  3. Love you are a dear dear friend.