September 2, 2009

Latest Commitment! Walking in the A.M.

I am not 100% sure what the latest commitment is. Read the entry that follows to understand why I am having a hard time with being concise or specific.

So here is what I do know about this is about walking. This morning I got up and walked to the dentist rather than driving. I told Michael yesterday that I wanted to do a 12 days commitment of not riding in a car at all for 12 whole days. Logistically I knew it wouldn’t work, I am taking off to California before the end of the commitment, that and the kids are starting school, which is not really within walking distance, especially at 8:00 in the morning. So then this morning I decided I would commit to a morning walk, which is a lovely idea for a commitment. Now though as I sit here in town with no car I get excited about the idea of walking as much as possible this next 12 days. So there you go, a wishy-washy commitment to perhaps take morning walks, and to walk as much as possible. I COULD choose one or the other, but you know what, I am not going to.

I commit to walking for health for the next 12 days. For my own physical health, as I don’t feel like I have been active enough lately. For my emotional health, this mornings walk was just what my sensitive, sad, vulnerable self needed to process. And walking for the health of the planet, using less fossil fuels. Walking to slow down, smell the roses, get acquainted with the streets of this beautiful town and with my own beautiful self.

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