September 14, 2009

Day 1 Pleasure Revolution- Jank

My life will never be the same. I did something today that has changed the way I look at the world, broadened my horizons, made me wonder what I have been doing with my time. Today I went to the Olympic Spa Korean Bathhouse. For those of you who have never been these claims may sound absurd. For those of you who have been, I can hear the resounding “That’s what I am talking about!”


Let me set the stage. We drive up to the spa, the valet takes our car...this is a near first for me, save the couple of times we stayed at the Fairmont in Vancouver. Next we walk in and pay our 15 dollars, plus 2 for the little magic scrubby, which I would not fully appreciate until hours later. Then we walked into a room which looked nothing like I imagined, found our locker and took off all our clothes. Rachel versed me on all the rules:

“Don’t get your hair in the water...they will yell at you!”

“Don't’ talk too loud..... or they will yell at you!”

“Take a shower after coming out of the sauna BEFORE going into the tubs...or else...They will yell at you!“

We entered the main event. A tiled room filled with 3 good sized tubs; one a warm mineral pool, one a cold tub filled with spring water to bring down the temperature and tighten the pores, the last filled with Mogwart tea to detoxify, among other things. Then there was the Jade steam room filled with delicious scents and the dry sauna with all it cedar metallicy goodness.

We moved from pool to pool speaking with the other womyn, mostly about Rachel's overdue pregnancy. They all gushed and told her their stories, treated her with love and showered her with attention. Which is what every very pregnant mom needs when she is playing the waiting game and trying not to wait.

Hot, cold, herbal, cold, sauna, cold, sauna, cold, herbal, cold, steam, cold. This is the work to be done while in the Korean bathhouse. We did a good job.

On to another conversation with some of Rachel's friends, this time about sex and men. It may be cliché but cliché is cliché for a reason, because it is true. When womyn sit around and do ”girlie“ spa things we often talk about men and is the way of the world.

The next part of the ritual was to scrub. We were stealthy, went into the Jade steam room to start the process, a no no, we were running the risk of being yelled at by doing so. The little scrubby blew my mind, it was taking off layers of skin that may have died back when I was at Shambala, dancing in the dirt. It may not be TMI to mention this on the net but I took off a whole lot of dead skin...or ”jank“ as I have come to know it. Worried about getting busted scrubbing in the Jade room we made our way out to the rinsing/scrubbing area. Here there is a trough into which you can run fresh water, stools and shallow buckets. The idea is to sit on the stool, scrub with the scrubby, then use the bucket to throw water over your body to wash away the ”jank“. By the end my skin was as exfoliated as it has ever been, I was cleaner than I thought possible. It might seem like this would be the end, and I thought it was...I was wrong.

We exited the bath area, spread out a blanket and lay on a warmed tile floor to relax and integrate the experience. Rach and I talked about men some more, finally succumbing to our appetite. We slathered, primped and scented ourselves before leaving, refreshed butterflies emerging from a chrysalis experience.

Did I mention the toilets all had bidets? With an option for the spray to be directed at either the ”front“ or the ”rear“. The place was amazing.

This experience was the inspiration which led me to dub the next 12 days commitment the ”Pleasure Revolution“. It is gunna be a GREAT 12 days!

”What do you do to indulge?” is the question 12 days journal #154


  1. Chocolate or tequila is all I'm prepared to say right now. Oh, and Oso's Free Love Bar.

  2. And, of course, Red Sands Beach.

  3. My indulgence is taking myself fly fishing. I just love to spend time on my own standing in a river, smoking my pipe and catching and killing trout to eat. This is when I think about how god damn good life is and wonder why everyone doesn't take some time for themselves to get in touch with who they really are.

    What a great commitment Bernice.

  4. By the way I would freaking love to go to this spa. My goodness hot tubs, exfoliating, sounds like heaven.

  5. I earned a few gift cards for a salon/spa and have gone in for massage and what they call "The Rainforest Experience." That last is basically lying naked on a warm table with 8-10 HUGE shower heads above you, as well as a sunlamp, and you spend your time on tummy and on back letting the really warm "rain water" splash down on you. OMG, it's fantastic! I only have enough left on my gift card to do either the massage or the Rainforest Experience one more time...I will be so bummed to see the last of it!

    Otherwise, a glass of wine is a nice indulgence that fits better in my budget. Homemade fresh bread should be a norm rather than an indulgence, but because it's SO GOOD and I take so much pleasure in it, it seems more like an indulgence...warm from the oven, with real butter slathered on it...YUM.

  6. Oh, I almost forgot. Latest indulgence: this Saturday I am taking a short road trip to experience kirtan with Dave Stringer in Michigan. Experiencing live kirtan with Dave Stringer is so incredibly moving and wonderful that I think it qualifies as an indulgence, absolutely!