September 6, 2009

Day 5 Walkabout- Quitting

I am quitting tobacco today.

It might surprise you that I smoke surprises me too! I started smoking exactly 3 moons ago. I went 35 years and only ever smoked it about 4 times; then as I walked up to a full moon dance party in June for some reason I decided to smoke with friends. I thought of course that it would be just that once, as you may know it is somewhat of an addictive substance.

Just before leaving the States 3 weeks ago, Michael and I bought a pack of 100% organic and additive free, American Spirit tailor-mades. We have been breaking them up and smoking small hand-rolled cigarettes a couple times a day. I don’t know that I am actually addicted to tobacco itself, I think it is the ritual I am addicted to. There is something about taking the time to sit while a cigarette is prepared, rolling is a skill I have come to appreciate. Then there is the sharing, passing round the circle while conversing. I know of course the same could be done with a coconut, one can prepare it and it can be shared amidst conversation. I do so love coconuts...and now tobacco. But today I am quitting.

We are about to smoke the last one...right now...and so this is where I leave you, to go smoke my last cigarette.

“Is there something you want to quit?“ is the question for 12 days journal #146


  1. I want to quit saying 'yes' when I really mean 'NO!'

  2. I want to quit worrying about things I can't change and/or have no control over.