April 11, 2009

Day 1 Pulpit Rock- Up that hill!

Damn why did I leave it so late in the day to write this? I was inspired all morning about this experiment, and now I have moved on to being inspired about home renos. Ok lets see if I can tap back in. The hike felt great, the first of 12! I felt great about myself afterwards too. I have this positive outlook about my body when I am active. I can imagine myself to look one way one minute, then sweat and get my heart pumping and instantly imagine I look a whole other way afterwards. Nutty. I got inspired on the walk to take pictures and add these to this journal. To possibly look into blogging this journal. To make a sculpture from 5 different kinds of wood, carved to squares with rounded edges, diminishing in size by a sacred or ritualistic amount. Cool functional sculpture. I got inspired with tonnes of new 12 days ideas. Going to Vipassanna. 1 day to travel there + 10 day silent retreat + 1 day travelling home= 12 day experience. Trick will be finding one that works with the 12 days formula. Well no not trick, fun challenge. I came up with the idea of putting the 12 day schedule into my calendar. Plus many many more things, mostly esoteric and therapeutic, that I am sure I will include a version of here in this journal some day soon. Hmmm, not a bad recap at all!

Tomorrow is Easter, Chris is hiding eggs while I write this. Perhaps the kids will do Pulpit with us tomorrow....we will see.

Oh and one last thing...I better find out how this damn MacJournal program works to take full advantage of journaling! Ok off to read the help section!

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