April 22, 2009

Day 12 Pulpit Rock-Beauty!

I had plans of how today would go. It is the final day of the first bona fide commitment. My youngest had different ideas though. Her dad is leaving for 5 days and there was no way she was going to school this morning. We bargained, we attempted to bribe but she wouldn’t budge. So the plans changed, and am I ever glad they did. After a breakfast bun and a cappuccino, the official breakfast of the Pulpit Rock commitment, the three of us headed to the trail head. Right at the bottom we saw Bob! The man who had returned 3 journals to me thinking they were lost. He told me he had been looking for more every time he went up. I also found out he collects any garbage he finds on his almost daily hikes. It is nice to know that when I go back to only visiting Pulpit occasionally that Bob will still be around cleaning up and taking care. My goal for today was to savour this last hike. My little Rose facilitated this. It was not that she was slow, she had me running a number of times. It was how she saw the trail, she looked forward to different mile stones than I did. The “painted rock”, the rope assist to get up the steep parts, “the place where the dogs had a fight last time“. She had a different perspective, I think this coupled with the pangs of sadness at this being my last day, had me seeing all the incredible beauty. There were scads of yellow glacier lilies. They carpeted the ground at the top. On my first hike up I saw 1, barely in bloom. What a difference 12 days makes. Then there was my beautiful family, the view of my beautiful home town, all the beautiful people who came up the trail, I was overwhelmed by it all. Most of all it was my baby girl’s smile, her beauty shines from deep inside her being. 12 days journal #9 read ”Tell me about something you think is beautiful“ I wrote about the authenticity of a smile, beauty like no other.

I can feel this experiment really taking hold. Tomorrow I get to release my newest commitment. This week I will begin to come out to my friends, and family about what I am doing. In a little kudos from the powers that be I got my first email today. It was from one of only 5 people who know about this experiment. He found 12 days journal #2 sitting on a bench outside a local cafe. He wrote in it and left it for the next person. Thank you friend for letting me know, it made my day :o*


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  1. I think people who genuinely open themselves up to experiencing life in all its wonderful fullness, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the joy, the agony, the pain, the healing...they accept it all as a natural part of life and roll with it.

    THAT, to me, is beautiful. Of course, I see a lot of beauty where others don't, so I could go on and on. LOL.