April 21, 2009

Day 11 Pulpit Rock- Drawing to a close

As I walked up the trail today I was simultaneously relieved and saddened that tomorrow would be my last day. I am tired. I need a break from this intensity for a few days. The trail is relatively short, but very steep in places. We had to make it up and down in an hour today, so this made it extra intense. These are the reasons for my relief. My sadness comes at knowing that this experience of walking in the woods everyday for 12 days will likely not happen again for a while. That without a commitment to do so, it will likely fall behind on the list of things to do. My life is like that, I suspect many peoples lives are like it too. There are so many wondrous and delightful things to do in a day and only so much time. I am going to set an intention to really slow down on tomorrows journey up, soak it all in, enjoy this last day of my first consciously completed 12 day commitment. The cleanse was certainly an accomplishment, but not in the same way that this one was. A commitment to commitment itself .

On the inside cover of 12 days journal #8 is written “What are you committed to?”. Apparently I am not committed to accurate spelling though, I spelled the word COMMITTED wrong in the journal, how is that for irony?

1 comment:

  1. LOL about the spelling.

    I am committed to self-healing, to learning how to enjoy the journey instead of focusing too much on the destination, to living in the moment as much as possible, to fully enjoying my children and my life, and to learning how to let go of counter-productive emotions like anger and worry to focus instead on what is good and right in my life rather than what is bad and wrong with it.

    Thank you for asking. Namaste.