April 17, 2009

Day 7 Pulpit Rock- Herb girls!

At this point in the experiment there are only 4 official 12 days journals out there in the world. At some point today I had all four in my hands. #1 and #2 were back with me because of the valiant Bob tracking me down and returning them. I left 12 days journal #1 in Oso Negro. I figured that since most days it has been part of my Pulpit Rock ritual to stop there for coffee, that it seemed fitting. I left 12 days journal #4 up at Pulpit Rock along with 12 days journal #2 which makes this its second time up. I thought all were free and roaming, when I got another call from Bob. Bob caught another journal, 12 days journal #3, and wanted to give it back to me. I imagine Bob might think I am a little crazy and forgetful. I explained that I was doing an experiment, and that if he found another he could leave it up there. See Bob is quite a bit older than me, of another generation, and what I realized today was, he would never be so rude as to read any more of the book than necessary to get it back to me. I am such a curious creature it would never occurred to me NOT to read anything that was right out there in plain sight! He kept assuring me he had not read any of it and when I asked him that if he saw another book to please write in it...well again he just gave me a look as though I might be a couple coconuts short of a load, but of course with a nice big grin. Thanks again Bob, you are wonderful. With 12 days journal #3 in hand, I was walking downtown. I saw a newspaper box and on an impulse put it inside. I am not sure why.

It was a coldish walk up Pulpit, but I had lots of company to keep me talking which keeps me warm. Two six year old girls joined Chris and I and they brought their dog along. They chatted all the way up, stopping only now and then to catch their breath or get pebbles out of a shoe. They marvelled at the tiny streams which appeared out of nowhere, drank with wet grins, exclaiming how good the water tasted. Collecting treasures, a square rock, a four leaf clover, a ball of old mans beard, they happily made their way along the trail. Right before the top they begun to run ahead, so excited for the view. Standing atop the highest rock, which made me a little queasy, they rested fists on hips and smiled. Confidence and self esteem oozed out their pores, mixed with sweat they had earned with their perseverance. There is nothing that will take a child further in this world than a belief in their own abilities, of this I am certain. This feeling, this knowing, this being, is what I want for every child on this planet...and all it took was going up a mountain. Simple, attainable, enjoyable. I am planning a picnic with my whole family this weekend.....I want more of this kind of joy!

12 days journal #4 was left at the rock with the question, “What are your hopes for your children and/ or the children of the world“. I am finding that letting the journals go is always a little hard. Like children, I want to protect them, worry harm might come to them, that they may never return! But it is of course by setting them free that they are able to blossom....I will see you soon little journal...maybe even tomorrow if Bob finds you!

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  1. I'll quick do yesterday's question first, since I neglected to do it before. What things am I procrastinating that I know I will get enjoyment out of? Sewing, writing, cleaning up my house (believe it or not...I love walking through my living room without tripping over toys! LOL), exercising, doing yoga and/or trance dance. WHY do I keep putting things off?! I've been doing good, though, at keeping to a decent work-out schedule, so I will pat myself on the back and encourage myself to keep the balls rolling.

    My hopes for my children: That having started out life with a father who abused their mother, and continuing to see verbal abuse of their grandfather by their grandmother, will inspire them to want more and better for their own relationships. That me choosing to leave that life behind to respect myself, and them, and be the person I was not allowed to be while with him will also somehow inspire them to NOT accept him and his family's ways as "normal." That they will see dysfunction for what it really is and want more and better for themselves.

    And I hope that my son, if he ever marries, will choose a partner who is passionate about breastfeeding any future grandchildren I might have.

    How's that for a list? LOL.