April 24, 2009

Day 2 Open Heart Letter- Curly Q

I have a sweet womyn in my life who I met through the dance community. She swooped into my life, scooped me up in her wings and became like a big sister to me. She loves so fully, so out there in the world, she is an inspiration for my ever so slightly guarded heart. There are times I believe old stories, that trust is something that if ventured can lead to pain. I had a belief for long time that connection to others came inevitably with disappointment, and while this is still what I believe, because it is truth, I realize I was looking at this truth from the back side. Yes loving others will eventually cause some pain, they die, go away, do or say something that we don’t understand, but what of the other side? What is life without the sweetness of friendship, of loving touch, without companionship, empathy, understanding. Love is venturing into the realm of potential hurt, but without this venture I would never have lived so fully, so juicily, so blissfully as I have. So I believe in taking the crunchy with the smooth!. I believe love is worth it all.

“What do you believe?”, is written inside the front cover of 12 days journal #11, it is flying off to Colorado. I have never been but will venture there one day soon, to find some more bliss with my big sister Curly Q.”

“One illusion cherished
and defended against truth
makes all truth meaningless
and all illusion real.
Such is the power of belief.”

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  1. I believe nothing is beyond our reach. I believe that most people don't realize this, that some people do realize this but don't act on it, and that a few know and do.