April 9, 2010

Day 4 Easy- The Gift

Needing a Mirror

Your eyes are so wise.
They keep turning and turning, Needing to Touch Beauty.

They keep turning to find a mirror who will caress you as... I.

-Me and Hafiz and Daniel

Beltane approaches and my body years. Like a flower pressing up through the cold hard earth...towards...sunshine, bare skin, summer love.


This time of year is always so hard...in certain ways.... and then I remember it is majestic in others.

Today I stood dancing in an alley, warm sun on my back as snow flakes fell, sticking to my shawl. I danced like a crow, arms spread, welcoming spring, again, in all her trickster ways. I was with good friends, all new within the last 2 years. Oh my how quickly my life changes.

Drink in every moment brothers and sisters, there is so much beauty out there.

“What does you body yearn for?” is the question in 12 days journal #362


  1. The resonance of truth ...

    Friends to share joy with ...

    Nourishment ...

    Peace ...

    From Gisele :)

  2. I just love the image of you dancing in the alleyway in the sun and the snow at the same time...sort of Edward Scissorhandsesque!!! What a beautiful image.

  3. More than anything else, my body yearns for me to quit carrying around stress and tension in it, to daily decompress and exercise it and loosen it up so it can relax into its most healthy, natural state. I need to renew my commitment to my body to do exactly what it yearns for.