April 4, 2010

Day 11 Final Commitment- me

I just had a big melt down. Cried streams of tears. All this blogging and reading and ruminating on my last year coupled with all this heart break, it is wearing me down.

February 5th http://12days2inspire.blogspot.com/2010/02/day-1-decision-time-here-blog-there.html I was so greatful for the experience of having Michael write the blog. I got to see what it was like to read about myself and my life on the net under the control of somebody elses fingers. I have imagined what it has been like for my family, my Michael to read this blog right now. It was a crazy thing to have happen to our realtionship right as the project was ending. What did happen to it anyway? I love this picture of Michael. I love Michael.

I love Chris
I love Ayla
I love Lily
I love Rosy
I love Richard
I love Jill
I love my mom
I love Mari
I love Kimberly
I love Bree
I love Vinn
I love Rachel
I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love and then i love some more....and it is taking its toll.

I love myself. I can’t do this to myself anymore... I will read it all, I promise, but it is all getting to be too much. I have to stop writing about it all...I really just need to doodle.


“How do you know when it is time to quit? is the question in 12 days journal #357


  1. when there is Nothing to be done.

  2. ahhhhhh Bernice. I love you to woman. Benn thinking of you LOTS. Let's try to find a windown of time to share with each other soon! Xx Love Kimberly