January 4, 2011

Movin Along

Turns out San Blas was NOT the perfect place to celebrate the new moon. We arrived just before dusk to find a community which has seen better days. The main street had been torn up possibly due to a flood which hit this area in September. All the places we found to park the camper were terribly overpriced. There is an entry for San Blas in our Lonely Planet travel guide, the place I was most excited to eat at seems to have vanished, the other have increased their prices dramatically. This town is not affordable, the beach is far away and not particularly safe for swimming. So we decided to leave. It wasn’t that we didn’t like it, the plaza was beautiful, the beach long and fairly uncrowded, but we only have 5 months left in Mexico and it makes no sense to stay anywhere we don’t love.

We found a place we love. Sayulita, Nayarit.


We left San Blas early and drove for less than 2 hours. It was a short beautiful drive which brought us to a bustling laided back town filled with locals, surfers, hippie, expats and a fair number of tourists. We are definitely here in high season but this town is small enough, and far enough from an airport that it has the perfect blend of exciting and chill.

Our whole family fell in love instantly. Well Ayla fell in “like”, which is all that can be expected of a teenager. We found a place to rent for a week. Actually Chris decided within minutes that we should stay a month but I reminded him that Chiapas and Guatemala are calling me and that there are MANY wonderful places with a delicious vibe here in Mexico.

Tomorrow the family is going to take our first surf lesson. We found a place with good WiFi so Ayla can catch up on her school work. There are Spanish lessons at a bookstore nearby, which is great because we all desperately need them. On the way here we nearly ran out of gas. Luckily I spied a place by the side of the road with huge bottle of gasoline, and Chris knew enough Spanish to determine if they had diesel as well. Two gentlemen siphoned 2 big jugs into the tank. We were down to fumes and prayers by the time we found these angels. If you know anything about diesel engines you can imagine how bad a situation running out of gas would have be. How does one arrange a tow to a diesel mechanic in a foreign language anyway? Yes learning Spanish is a darn good idea.

So my new moon ceremony this night will be in Sayulita. I am typing this entry while sitting next to Ayla. We are seated across the street from the local plaza. There are vendors, locals and not so locals roaming the streets. Live music is coming from a number of different restaurants and the food smells delicious so I am going to finish up and go eat.

The intentions for my ceremony tonight are becoming more clear. To find many beautiful places that I love along the way to the land of the Maya, to enjoy the journey while trusting the destination as my compass point towards truth. It is my intention to have fun along the way; to continue to trust my mending heart and KNOW that I will continue to find love.

“How easily do you change your mind?” is today’s question. I am glad I was able to change my mind about San Blas, although it wasn’t easy. There is something I left out. There was one thing about San Blas that I really wanted to stick around for. Someone I love very much is going to be there soon. I would have loved to see him again. I also know I need to follow where I am lead. Being led away from there was likely a sign that I am not meant to see him yet and as much as that hurts I need to trust my healing heart.

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