January 3, 2011

The Beginning of a New Ease


Tomorrow we are to witness another magical celestial event.

There will be a new moon, a partial solar eclipse, mercury is finally direct again with all other planets moving forward as well... what a relief! Enjoy this one because we have earned it! Did I mention there will be a meteor shower too? Amazing.

We in the western hemisphere will have to feel the eclipse rather than see it. Those in Europe, Central Asia and Africa though will be treated a beautiful crescent son. The sun mirroring the nature of the moon as she comes new, when she is at her most vulnerable. I take this as an omen, the beginning of a truce, a reconciliation between the feminine and masculine and a flowering of Divine love.

I am not sure yet what intentions I will set, but I will surely be informed by this beginning of a new age of co-operation between the sexes.

This will be my first New Moon ceremony below the Tropic of Cancer, where the cycles of the mother is more subtle. I am so connected to the rhythms of my home, how they mirror the rhythms of life. I only had to look outside my window to understand the significance of the many cosmic wheels which turn brining us this fabulous life. I miss my home.

AND... I am happy to be here in Mexico, learning. About what I am not sure yet. I just know that this is where I was led. I will understand it all soon. I know to head towards Chiapas, which is what we are doing. For now though we are going to kick back and enjoy San Blas, Nyrait. Which is where we are headed tomorrow.The perfect place to be this new moon, I know because everywhere I am in the perfect place for me to be.

Blessings to you all on this night.

“What intentions will you set this new moon?”

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